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Laugh With Ari is a movement that is all about living life with humor and honesty, embracing creative ways to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and finding ways to laugh while doing so.  It all started as a blog, a meaningful creative outlet for me where I could express myself in the most honest, raw, authentic way possible. I love to laugh and to make other people laugh, but I also think very deeply about life’s numerous joys and hardships and everything in between. I feel complete when I can do all of those things in harmony.  I love getting to know people and hearing their stories. I love connecting with people and bonding over even the tiniest things. That’s why I knew I wanted my blog to be more than just a “weekly newsletter” of sorts shared with my closest friends and family. Laugh With Ari is my passion project, my brand, and now a movement that I really would love for you to join.  In addition to my blog, which you can find here  , I am excited to launch Move and Meditate With Ari, which you can learn more about here!


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4th - Contact me if you'd like to collaborate in some other way OR hire me for a yoga/meditation class or workshop.

5th - Come move and meditate with me at one of my next events!  


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