About Me

Born, raised, and rooted on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Ari has spent most of her life striving to make people laugh, expressing herself through various creative outlets, and exploring ways to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She has always loved teaching and motivating others. She thinks writing in third person is kind of weird, but she’ll see it through since she’s come this far with it. Ari has over 10 years of classroom experience as a high school English teacher. If you’re thinking that all those years in the classroom with fifteen and sixteen year olds have no impact on her style as a yoga teacher, you’d be wrong.  As she did with her lessons on Shakespeare and thesis statements, she infuses all of her yoga classes with humor, creativity, lots of love, and great music!

Ari discovered yoga and meditation in her early 30s when her body and mind started screaming at her that they needed more attention.  It quickly became apparent that both yoga and meditation were the major missing pieces from her mind/body/soul wellness regiment. A 200 HR RYT, Ari empowers her students by teaching them, with humor and honesty, about yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Her classes and workshops provide a welcoming, comforting, fun place to practice yoga, meditation, mindful journaling, and other creative activities.  

Photo cred: Sandra Mackin. 
Makeup cred: Chanelle Camire.

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